Start an easy-to-use online store

Create an online school spirit store with your school's inspirational branded merchandise to boost your school spirit to the next level. We provide a turnkey solution that easily integrates with your school website.

No order minimums.
Buy any design on any product, any size, any time, and get it shipped to you.
Earn money with every sale.
Excellent for your fundraisings to buy the things your school needs.
Easy setup.
It's easy to get and to manage your new online school spirit store with us.

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Why do I need a new school spirit store?

You run the school, and you know that there is an ongoing revolution in education.

As Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., writes in his book “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education”, – the world of education is changing now.

School culture has always been a cornerstone. And the leverage you can use now to improve the education at your school by improving your school culture is on your side.

New technologies such as print-on-demand and intelligent distribution help a lot.

Your school symbols, ideas, mascot, school colors – are all parts of your culture.

Your new online school spirit store is a tool you can use to get your culture to the next level by engaging everyone even more – parents, students, teachers, administrators, and your support staff. Everyone is essential, and everyone participates in the education process.

Inspire your community. Grow your culture.


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We make it simple for you.
To start, we would need a responsible person from the school to communicate.
We will have a project scope, designs, and deadlines.
We decide on weekly Zoom meetings to report the progress and gather feedback. We will provide the link to see the progress and comment on individual tasks using Basecamp.

Depending on the number of unique designs we agree on and your schedule, we expect to finish the project within 1-2 months.

E-commerce WordPress WooCommerse, Shopify, Wix, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google classroom, NinjaMail, and others.

We believe that the power lies in the quality of the designs.
With deep expertise in design and psychology, we will deliver outstanding designs for your school that you can compare to the best schools in the USA.

Your designs come to life on high-quality materials, and are fulfilled responsibly and packaged with care.
We source products and fabrics from ethical brands and suppliers that comply with labor, environmental, and safety standards. Some of our products are cut and sewn by our in-house professionals.

We understand that you will have questions, and we provide timely support through a ticket-based system so nothing is lost.
For critical matters, we are available on the phone.

We help you to spread the word to your parents by helping to integrate the link of your new school spirit store to your primary school website. Also, we design promotional flyers that you can send electronically and via email.
But the real power lies in word-of-mouth and a long-run strategy. We do this by delivering great products that people are proud of, and as a result, people will talk about your new store.

If we are not your vendor yet, please consider making us a vendor.
If the process is too complicated, you can use TIPS Co-op. It's free for your school, please visit the TIPS Purchasing Cooperative website, and the application process is easy.
You may also work with us through your PTA/PTO.


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