Bean bags to promote your school and comfort people’s minds

Fully customizable graphics all over the bean bag to promote your school on the next level

Bean bag chairs are perfect for your school library and other areas

Your school mascot and logo

We will use your school colors

Two sizes

Why do you need the bean bags at your school?

Everyone loves the bean bags because…

Tell your story

Schools are the glue that keeps students, staff, parents, and the community in tight bond. School spirit spills over into communities making them safer, more welcoming, and happier.

Inspire, create games

School spirit cubes are not only your cool soft seating but also a game that people will play at your school. Watch the videos to see what is possible.

Add more sitting places

Providing students and staff comfortable, configurable, and durable places to gather and talk improves the bonding and rapport between students and staff.

Boost your school

Research shows that increasing School Spirit positively impacts the feelings that students and staff have toward the school, and students’ grades on average are higher.

Take amazing pictures

School events are an important part of your school life. Create emotions and memories that last. Scroll more to see examples.

Increase involvement

By enhancing school culture with a set of School Spirit Cubes that everyone loves, you increase parental involvement, PTA/PTO activity, community, and academic performance.

How to get bean bag chairs designed for your school?

Magic does not only happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but also here at Schoolacool

Request a quote.

Get a PO or pay up-front.

We work on the design and gather feedback from you.

Approve the design.

Get the bean bags after we manufacture them for you!

Fully customizable graphics all over the bean bag

Create a more creative and comfortable school

Heavy-duty specs

Heavy-duty upholstery fabric.

Covers with zipper.

Removable and machine washable.

Filled with high-quality polystyrene beads.

Easy to move around.

Colors will never change of fade.

World-class manufacturing.

There is a lot to manage at your school

Get a quote today to create an environment for people to thrive on their own