Bloom's Cube – the Ultimate Productivity Solution for the Classroom

Increase Academic Performance!

Develop Critical Thinking!

Involve Every Child!

Increase Academic Performance!

Develop Critical Thinking!

Involve Every Child!

What is Bloom’s Cube?

Bloom’s cube is a tool that helps teachers plan lessons and activities that encourage students to think critically and solve problems. The cube promotes higher-order thinking skills and supports student engagement.

How it can be used at School?

• Motivate children to achieve higher academic results.
• A tool for establishing trust relationships between the teacher and the student also between the students. 
• Children enjoy to study.
• Bloom’s Cube is an educational game.
• Bloom’s Cube is a tool for creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

Method of using the "Bloom's Cube"

1. The lesson topic is formulated, thereby indicating the topics of the questions that will need to be answered.
2. The teacher selects a student, rolls the cube, and asks the question whose beginning is written on the side that comes up (Alternative option – students formulate questions and ask them to the class.).

Example classification of questions based on the topic “Computer”:

Describe: Describe the main functions of a computer.
Classify: Classify the main types of computers.
Explain: Explain why a computer operates on electrical current.
Create: Create a new function for a computer.
In your opinion: In your opinion, when was the first computer invented?
Develop: Develop a new computer program that will help humanity сolonize Mars.

Interesting fact: The Ministry of Education of Ukraine officially recommends using Bloom's Cubes in the educational process.

Bloom's Cubes make the educational process more fun and interesting.

Here are some Benefits of using Bloom's Cube

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