Seating cubes designed for you

Soft seating as a game for all ages.

Motivational designs.

Make your school more fun!

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What are School Spirit Cubes?

School Spirit Cubes are soft seating with an all-over design specially for your school.

With motivational and engaging designs, cubes create a library game, school lobby sign, props for the stage, social media photos, and cool furniture designed to boost your school spirit.

❤️ Custom-designed for your school.

❤️ All-over-design – all cube sides.

❤️ Durable – easily holds an adult.

❤️ Easy to clean.

❤️ Safe – no sharp corners.


Make people feel they belong to your school

Tell your story

Tell your school story with the power of Spirit Cubes. We will help you craft your own story in designing the cubes for you. Starting with the story always gets people’s attention.

Inspire, create games

School spirit cubes are not only your cool soft seating but also a game that people will play at your school. Watch the videos to see what is possible.

Add more sitting

Providing students and staff comfortable, configurable, and durable places to gather and talk improves the bonding and rapport between students and staff.

Boost your school

Research shows that increasing School Spirit positively impacts the feelings that students and staff have toward the school, and students’ grades on average are higher.

Take amazing pictures

School events are an important part of your school life. Create emotions and memories that last. Scroll more to see examples.

Increase involvement

By enhancing school culture with a set of School Spirit Cubes that everyone loves, you increase parental involvement, PTA/PTO activity, community, and academic performance.

A story from Sheldon Elementary

Let them play. Happy people achieve more.



Promote reading, education, and create games.


Show your school name in the lobby. Use as your lobby sign while providing extra sitting spaces.


Engage everyone with amazing pictures.

School Office

Brand your school.

School Fairs

Promote your school in a new, memorable way.

Theater Props

Help people be more creative at your school.

Get 5 design ideas today

Ordering Process

  1. Request design ideas and a quote.
  2. Get a PO or pay up-front.
  3. We fully design the cubes, work on your logo, and make everything sharp. You provide feedback along the way.
  4. You approve the final design.
  5. We manufacture and ship your School Spirit Cubes. You leave us a review.

Ready for an art project?

Do you have a graphic design class? Let’s collaborate and make your students design your cubes.


We have ordered the cubes 2 years ago and I believe now is the best time to give a review! First, I would like to mention how well the team worked with us to come up with the design. The cubes turned out to be so much better in real life. The quality of the material is exceptional, it is washable and durable. We have 500 students in our school and the cubes survived everything 🙂 kids were jumping on them, laying, tossing, trying to draw on them. The zipper also never broke even after several laundries. We have two sets of cubes and the great part is that we can change the faces based on occasion (Halloween theme, Christmas theme, general math problems theme, and logo theme). Overall highly recommend and it is a great alternative for sitting chairs in the lobby area.


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